Smart crossings & speed control with FRP webs & passive safety

Smart crossings & speed control with FRP webs & passive safety

Our company has intelligent LED pedestrian crossings aimed at the safety of pedestrians from passing vehicles.

The LED pedestrian crossing lighting meets the new EN13201 standard in which the crossing lighting must create a strong contrast by illuminating the side of the pedestrian seen by the driver, resulting in its immediate activation.

The led lights have a special beam which illuminates strongly at a height of +1.5m on the sides of the pedestrian, as a result of which he is fully noticed by vehicles much earlier. At the same time, the intense lighting highlights the markings of the road surface to guide the pedestrian. Road safety is increased with this led crossing device.

The lighting can be either permanent or with a motion sensor.

The Intelligent Speed Warning System, is an innovative system for safe driving in residential areas, which through the automatic detection of the speed of the vehicles strongly highlights, with an innovative LED display, the speed limit and warns the driver in case of exceeding to reduce speed by strengthening road safety. The Smart Speed Warning System has Bluetooth technology in order to be able to be remotely managed by the service as it has the ability to send statistics on the number and speeds of passing vehicles with the appropriate software.

It is mainly recommended for school areas, areas near commercial roads and at busy crossings and is connected to a data selection system