Single-Phase and Three-Phase Inverters

Single-Phase and Three-Phase Inverters

Solar Inverters:

1. SINGLE-PHASE CONVERTERS 1Play 5TL M(5.7-6.5KWp/6TL M(6.3-7KWp)

2. THREE-PHASE CONVERTERS 3Play 20TL M (20.6-26.8KW)/33TL M (34-45KW)/40TL M (41.2-53.6KW

They have quick-on connectors on the DC side (type 4) and on the AC side for quick and easy connection to the system. You can easily select each country and language setting from the converter screen. In addition, INGECON® SUN 1Play/3Play TL M inverters are compatible with all photovoltaic module technologies on the market.

The INSteel enclosure is specially designed for indoor and outdoor applications (IP65). Ability to withstand extreme temperatures. TL M converters are designed to guarantee a lifetime of more than 20 years, as proven by the pressure tests they undergo.