Self powered LED photovoltaic lights with Lithium batteries

Self powered photovoltaic lights with Lithium batteries


Lithium Battery Photovoltaic Lights are the new generation of standalone luminaires, as they offer many advantages over VRLA deep discharge lead batteries. They also charge faster in cases of prolonged cloudiness.


Static masts are mounted on top of a special mounted solar panels facing the south, 12VDC or 24VDC depending on the battery power required.

The lithium NCM batteries that we use with 22Ah to 120Ah power are integrated in the LED lamps along with their power supply, for extra battery demands they are additionally mounted behind the solar panels. They have a long life and take full advantage of their discharge against VRLA lead batteries, which they only discharge 50% of their energy.

They are also extremely compact and light in weight, advantageous because we do not use bulky lead battery packs, avoiding the nasty box top that greatly improves the static behavior of the light pole.

They are also well protected from the elements of nature and from theft.

The luminaires with built-in SMD LEDs we use a range from 20W to 120W with very high brightness.

Our company has the capability of self-construction with special technical requirements.