Network Islanding Relay VDE-AR-N4105

Network Islanding Relay VDE-AR-N4105

Protection unit for monitoring the power supply of power generation units

Changetec’s BISI 4.0 solution with LCD display and three-phase protection relay interface:

It allows the connection of local energy production units (Photovoltaics, Wind) to the low and medium voltage network of the network.

Detects the islanding phenomenon ( Anti-islanding ) according to paragraphs: 6.5.3.-b of VDE-AR-N 4105 and adjustable phase control for cogeneration units and wind farms with RoCoF detection.

It has control methods for solar, cogeneration and wind.

For the unregulated production units.

All interface parameters, voltage, frequency, times are adjustable.

With the RS 485 cable it is possible to diagnose and update the software using

the Changetec-Controlcenter.