Lightning Resistant FRP Polyester Fabrics

Lightning Resistant FRP Polyester Fabrics

NORATEX S.A. supplies polyester FRP poles with anti-lightning property.

The pole is made from a combination of polymer and glass fiber reinforcement materials and is therefore corrosion resistant and designed to withstands acidic and alkaline environments as well as extreme temperatures. The purpose of this web is to protect homes and industrial facilities from the effects of lightning.


  • Light and durable construction with high resistance to vandalism.

  • They are non-conductive so that surge current is not allowed to flow in the web and the current flows directly to the ground through the ground wire.

  • This protects the installation and the environment from electrical hazards!

  • The diameter of the protected zone reaches 200 meters.

  • Resistance to adverse weather conditions, acids, salt, chemicals, etc.

  • Life span of the tissue at least 40 years.


1. Large-scale facilities, residential, industrial facilities.

2. gas stations, power stations, telecommunications antennas, etc.