Remote control of LED street lights

Remote control of LED street lights

Our company has extensive experience in installing remote control systems.

Remote control systems consist of NEMA-based transmitters fixed either on the luminaire or on the light pole, the receiver is capable of connecting to 500 transmitters.

The receivers communicate between each other, and in case for failure, they also have a night photocell for ultimate functionality.

We have successfully studied and installed remote control systems in the Municipality of Nafpaktos, at the airports of Heraklion and Chania Airports in Crete.

System administrators have the ability for any luminaire that has its address, to reduce brightness, to control luminaires operating hours, to control voltage,  cosine, KW, KWH, loss of power and power supply.

In this way Municipalities reduce maintenance staff, and they are aware of the status of the luminaire on the WEB map at all times and can manage and control their mobile phones.