FRP lighting Poles

FRP lighting Poles

FRP/GRP poles have many advantages for use near coastal sites, as they are not affected by corrosion and require minimal maintenance.

They are three times lighter than metal masts and withstand high wind pressures. They are so strong that they are even used in the masts of sailing ships.

They are non-conductive, ensuring greater safety from electric shock in playground facilities or in places with strong lightning effects, substations, etc.

They are available in two versions, either with a metal base for the use of anchors or without a metal base for direct compaction into the ground at a depth of about one meter.

The poles of our company are available in a wide variety of colored surfaces, have a high and long-term resistance to UV radiation and are environmentally friendly.

Our company has a variety of synthetic poles in various heights with the possibility of  top or arm lights.

We also have passive safety poles according to the EN12767 standard so that in the event of a vehicle impact they are deformed to avoid serious injury to the driver and passengers.