Battery fuses DC SIBA


• The applications of systems taking over when the mains fail range from small UPS installations to company-wide battery racks. Therefore it is critical for the emergency system not to become a case of worry itself. Fuses made by SIBA provide protection for installations supplying vital energy consumers in cases of mains failure.

• More and more often, controlling the mains frequency in power plants operating with renew-able energies is performed by stationary power storage units with capacities of several me-gawatts which are correspondingly designed to be redundant. However, here, too, powerful protective installations are required to safeguard the systems against damage. This function can be fulfilled by SIBA fuses.

• Industrial plants use battery installations as network components to control their interaction with the public power network. Failure of these components can have negative consequences for production. This can be avoided, however – with fuses made by SIBA