For more than 60 years, SIBA has specialized in fuses – from micro-switches for electrical components to high-voltage installations.

SIBA undeniably because of its particular core business, you can be sure that its fuses will work when needed. Through its products, they ensure your products, your factories, your machines, and above all the safety of your staff.

As you can see, SIBA insurances are not C products, but functional A products. Therefore, money is well invested.
Fuses can get to you very quickly when you rush them. When fuses are tripped in plant or machinery, replacement is often required, in cases like these, they are able to respond immediately, thanks to their large volume of stocks, they have tens of thousands of fuses for immediate delivery.

With their own laboratory, they carefully monitor their quality, the company’s research and development department with its engineering team is closely linked to production, this means, on the one hand, that they can constantly make sure of the high quality of the series products, for which are internationally renowned.
On the other hand, you enable them to develop the new products needed to meet your requirements in the future.

For example, with UR fuses, which, thanks to their extremely fast activation times, are able to protect expensive power semiconductors.

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