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The Dawkins Collection was generated from one of many major white plantation owning families of Jamaica and some of the wills and powers of attorneys included are essential in tracing the lives of these early colonist. Persons interested within the lives and financial activities of members of the white oligarchy will want to have a look at these paperwork. In addition, the list of enslaved individuals may also aid in writing the history of persons who formed the spine of the wealth of the Dawkins family. Though for the most part the Cadastral Map Collection is in good order, there are various which may be suffering the chance of decay. However, as a end result of earlier folding of the maps, some are inclined to rend at the location of the fold while others put on away at the edges.

  • This however, does not diminish the overall value of the Eighteenth Century Newspaper Collection and as such, they’re value inspecting.
  • However, contemplating the age of the Letterbooks and the effect of the liquid on the leaves, the Letterbooks are surprisingly in fair situation.

The eighteenth century newspapers cowl a interval of the rise and consolidation of the Jamaican plantocracy. Likewise, it is the century for quite a few changes including the American War of Independence and the resultant efforts of the planters to source new places for their timber, salted meals and different items essential for property production. During this period, the planters had been at their peak of power and affect and the examination of the newspapers would gauge the opinions of this highly effective minority. Eighteenth Century newspapers contained mainly news of England, the London prices of sugar, rum and coffee, ad verbatim proceedings of the English Parliament and announcements of the arrival and departures of ships. Most newspapers include main stories on England, advertisements that varied in nature, excerpts of books and newspapers from the European continent and notices relating to the death and claims towards the estate of deceased individuals. All in all, the newspapers from the eighteenth century existed to serve the purpose of the white Jamaican plantocracy.

Record Book Of The Court Of St Ann, 1787

The first entry was made April ninth, 1787 and the last is dated April 12, 1814. The Record Book provides perception into the proceedings of the slave court and the bias of slave society. Researchers of eighteenth and nineteenth century Jamaica will discover the Record Book useful for a examine of Jamaican slave society and the evolution and organisation of the justice system in Jamaica. Collington incorporates over 150 pages of indexed info regarding indentured individuals from India who traveled to Jamaica in the late nineteenth and early 20th centuries to work primarily as agricultural labourers on plantations. It lists the names of the labourers and the ship in which they traveled in accordance with the Emmigrant Passes which all indentured labourers needed to submit on embarking in the island.

It seems that they’ve been destroyed by the poor handling of the original. The leaves can’t be repaired and results in a spot in the transcript. This types a part of a larger set of documents beneath the heading ‘Protector of Immigrants’. It is however, the only such compilation of names of indentured labourers in accordance with the vessel that carried them to Jamaica, and is therefore rare to that extent.

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These postcards are saved with the photograph assortment and major topics include miscellaneous work, Spanish National costumes, Versailles, Natural History, Havana, British Museum, Rome, Paris and Nice. Slaney’s Map of Jamaica has had a fantastic influence on the historical past of Jamaica. Richard Dunn, author of Sugar and Slaves notes that Slaney’s map is the most effective map that depicts the early topography of Jamaica. Slaney’s map has been used by historians looking for to reconstruct the spatial distribution of the early white settlers.

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